About Startup Hub Riyadh

Startup Hub Riyadh is the first business hub of its kind in the central region. It is considered to be one of the leading business hubs comparing it with other hubs in the region, in addition to its location...

surrounding the world’s leading companies and local restaurants & entertainment facilities. What gives Startup Hub Riyadh the advantage, is the spacious working spaces that varies between private and shared offices.

In Startup Hub Riyadh, you’ll find all you need to grow your business from coworking spaces, business incubators and accelerators. In addition to logistic services, mentoring and consultations for startup companies.

Startup Hub Riyadh works to create a lively community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative thinkers in order to activate the ecosystem and allow them to benefit from each other. To achieve this goal, Startup Hub Riyadh is always looking to host events, workshops and activities whether they are hosted by it’s community of companies or outsourced.

About Monshaat

Monsha’at “Small & Medium Enterprise General Authority” was established in 2006. Monsha’at aims to organize, support and grow the SMEs sector in Saudi Arabia following the best international practices…

This is to help achieve the target of increasing the productivity of SMEs and its participation in the GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030.

Monsha’at creates, execute and supervise programs and activities to raise the awareness and culture of freelancing, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and the variety of financial support Monsha’at offers. In addition, Monsha’at is encouraging venture capital initiatives along with setting the policies and criteria for the SMEs to receive investment, managerial and technical support resulting in empowering SMEs to grow in management, finance, marketing, operations, human resources...etc

In addition, Monsha’at is supporting the establishment of new investment companies and the role of banks in financing and investing in SMEs. Along with creating and supporting the needed programs to grow SMEs, creating service centers to help SMEs get the needed licenses to run their business.

Our Team

Abed Almalki
Riyadh Startup Hub Manager
Abdulrahman Alotaibi
Community Officer
Haya Alrawqi
Marketing Manager
Hajar Aldebasi
Events Manager